Purchasing hardware or using Hardware as a Service

  • Depending on your needs, you can purchase your own hardware and load our software, purchase hardware from us and we will ship it ‘ready to use’, or if you prefer the flexibility of a service based solution then we can supply devices on a Hardware as a service model so everything is taken care of for you including the monitoring of the device’s health
  • We use and recommend Android devices for most of our applications, although most of our applications are also available for iOS / Apple devices
  • Most of our Android devices come with a three year warranty as standard and an immediate replace option so you don’t need to wait for the device to be diagnosed first

Meeting room and conference room signage devices

  • Found in most new office environments – room signage screens can show a variety of applications from the basic ‘what’s on, what’s next and book now’ right through to more interactive floorplan booking views
  • Using devices with or without LED’s these signage devices are an ideal way to instantly check availability in a room or dedicated area
  • Using our richer Floorplan application allows these devices to become even more useful by allowing you to search for staff, and locate free space by searching a floorplan rather than traditional list views

Wide variety of kiosk solutions to meet your needs

  • Whether you are looking for free standing, desk mounted, wall mounted or even totems – our kiosk options will suit your needs
  • Recognising the different journeys customers require, our kiosks can be fully self service including printing, access card enabled and QR code reading
  • With fully customisable logo opportunities these kiosks can be designed to fit in perfectly with your reception areas and  provide a vital role in improving staff, visitor and customer experience

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