If all other things were equal, the best approach to facilities management for any given business would vary according to its size and character. The pure nature of day to day operations for a facilities management team would help to determine whether it should manage everything in-house or outsource some or all of its services. If all services are outsourced – should it opt for a provider who is a “jack of all trades but master of none” or employ someone who manages a portfolio of providers.

The challenge is always to balance the service standard required against the burden of supplier relationship management. So, while great catering services might be a vital element of one businesses facilities management solution, and warrant it maintaining a contract with a dedicated leader in the field, another business might have no such need and be content to have catering as part of a package deal.

However, all other things are not equal, because evolutions and innovations in culture and technology over time have changed both what is possible and what is needed from a facilities management services provider. The solution that worked best for you yesterday is probably not the solution that would work best for you today.

What is Facilities Management?

Facility management refers to the organisation and planning of delivering successful support services that are efficient within a company. It offers a range of benefits to a business’ practices including:

  • Supporting asset management and maintenance
  • Improving time efficiency within the workforce
  • Maximising office space through booking features
  • Improved communication across departments
  • An organised and secure system to store company data
  • Environmentally friendly strategy that reduces paper use

Workplace & Facilities Management

Workplace management is one example of a facilities management service that once required human resources, but now, whether you have humans managing this for you in-house or if it’s being managed by an outside provider, you’re wasting resources that could be diverted somewhere more useful. Software is not only capable of taking over the room booking work for your organisation, but it can also do it better, with a lower supplier management burden.

Digital facility management systems are now common practice for businesses of all sizes that want to streamline practices and improve efficiency within the office. To streamline and modernise your business’ management procedures, multi-purpose facilities management software may prove beneficial.

Generally, these applications are developed to be customised by its users. This means that you are able to add the resources relevant to your business, along with management features, such as visitor sign-in processes, to software accessible to staff at any time from any location or device. Not only does facilities management software streamline practices and costs of operating multiple systems, but they can also provide company security.

But with recent changes to GDPR policies and data protection regulations, it is essential for businesses to securely store data in a robust application. Paper and notes just won’t do – workplace software is one of the best forms of data storage as they are robustly built and offer password or encryption features.

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Facilities Management features built into Matrix Booking

Matrix Booking is mobile room booking software that is both easier to use and more available than a Facilities Management Executive before their first coffee of the day or even after. It is never on another call, it doesn’t get impatient when you change the slot you want to book for your meeting ten times in quick succession, and it can be reached from your journey into work or your home just before you go to bed – if you need to make a last-minute reservation or cancellation.

Used in conjunction with digital signage, Matrix Booking saves anyone from having to physically print or post signs outside rooms to clarify who has which spaces booked and when while keeping a more accurate and more searchable record of room usage than any paper-based log of room use. It saves on coordination work with reception, security and anyone else who needs to be kept in the loop because all the information required by all departments about visitors can be automatically sent upon confirmation of the booking.

Matrix Booking in action – Devon Partnership NHS Trust

At the Devon Partnership NHS Trust, the management were on an efficiency drive and looking for a better way to manage clinical accommodation for a growing number of patients. Like all organisations trying to solve a facilities management problem, the NHS Trust wanted to find an excellent service that would meet its needs, without the burden of intensive supplier involvement.

The NHS Trust chose Matrix Booking because it’s designed to provide a wealth of configuration and availability settings that can be adjusted for each resource, ranging from adding room layouts and facilities, setting up new catering suppliers and catering options through to management of availability and hours for each room or desk – all without supplier intervention. The software also streamlines visitor management systems as it has been built to incorporate the processes involved in the safety and security of visitors to a facility. The system allows smart digital signage, with kiosk and applications that are tailored for your visitors to sign-in, sign-out and book resources as required. Once up and running at your organisation, the Matrix Booking system is so user-friendly, most people can begin using it with no training at all.


“The Matrix Booking team took the time to understand the unique requirements of our innovative clinical hubs programme and as a result have delivered a very effective, professional solution.”

Andy Clemens – Project Officer at Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Facilities Management Software Free Trial

There is no need to jump straight into a new workplace management software, you can first see for yourself how easy Matrix Booking is to use by setting up a free 14-day trial of the software for your team or organisation on this website. Simple to set up with no waiting time or financial information required, try the system out today.

If you have any questions before you go ahead with that, during your trial or after you’ve used it, the Matrix Booking team will be very happy to help. Just email info@matrixbooking.com or speak to an adviser using the live chat service.