Meeting room, desk booking software, and visitor management applications with the latest digital touch screen technology

The modern workplace is fast-paced, flexible and dispersed. With touch screens, illuminated room availability indicators and IoT based management tools, the Crestron room scheduling platform provides everything you need to make your workplace more efficient, connected and collaborative across all meeting spaces.

A leading hardware supplier for business

No more worrying about hardware – the best warranty, performance, no hassle:

  • Enterprise grade hardware
  • Enterprise grade security as cyber security is becoming increasingly critical for organisations
  • Reliable wired connection and network power – Power over Ethernet connection
  • Flexibility and options to fit your space – varying touch screen size, room availability indicator styles & mounting options
  • Easy deployment and management with XiO Cloud
Crestron w Matrix UI 2
Crestron w Matrix UI 3

Crestron TSW touch screens

Crestron supply cutting edge digital touch screens for organisations:

  • TSW touch screens employ simple, rock-solid Ethernet connection, containing data and power. One wire, no worries
  • All operating power comes right through the network cable allowing for centralized power management
  • A web browser is all you need to easily deploy and manage thousands of TSW touch screens anywhere in the world
  • TSW touch screens are enterprise-grade devices designed for room control and management. They securely mount to a wall or conference table, so you dont have to worry about them disappearing
  • Unlike consumer tablets, TSW touch screens use enterprise-grade security features that protect your mission-critical networks
  • TSW touch screens are backed by a comprehensive 3-year standard warranty. The typical warranty period for consumer tablets is just 1-year

Matrix Booking & Crestron

Matrix Booking and Crestron combine to provide organisations of all shapes and sizes with top class management software and hardware:

  • A unified system to book meeting rooms, desks and other specified resources
  • Seamless visitor and workplace management
  • Workplace solutions at the cutting edge of innovation and development
  • The very best in cutting edge, reliable and affordable software and hardware, combined to maximise business benefits
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If you are interested in experiencing our seamless resource booking system and visitor management applications, try our free trial today or get in touch. Our team will be excited to discuss with you the services we offer.