Matrix Booking and CSR

Matrix Booking is passionate about corporate social responsibility (CSR).  We are an Employee Owned (EO) business, and in our own employee surveys CSR always comes out as a leader in things that are important to all our staff.

We strive to put CSR type initiatives at the heart of what we do and ensure they are woven into our day-to-day operations and into our decision making.

In terms of key focus areas, we break our strategy down in to the following five areas:

  1. High quality internal labour and reward policies
  2. Strong supplier policies for fair trade
  3. Charitable giving including volunteer efforts
  4. Reduce our carbon footprint to mitigate climate change and not harm the planet or the community
  5. Ensure all key business decisions are assessed for their social responsibility

Many of these statements can appear generic and so we are keen to share some of the details behind each one so you can see how important this area is to us as a small business and as a local business and of course as inhabitants of planet Earth!

Meeting Room Booking Software Mock-up

High quality internal labour and reward policies

Fair conditions for employees at Matrix Booking Limited

Our staff are without doubt our number one asset and as such we believe they should be rewarded in a fair and reasonable manner.   As an EO company, our staff are the ultimate beneficiaries of our business.  We also ensure we always pay above minimum and recommended wage levels, and we are committed to ensuring all staff have the opportunity to grow in their roles, set goals, demonstrate achievement and then that can be recognised through either annual pay rises or individual bonus or reward at various points throughout the year.  Matrix Booking Limited are also proud to be members of the Real Living Wage foundation.

Strong supplier policies for fair trade

As a technology solutions company we have a number of partners both in terms of marketing relationships and supply chain.  We have formal policies that cover all legal aspects of our supply chain including anti-slavery and corruption of course, however beyond that we are working with our supply chain to ensure that our suppliers share our values and standards when it comes to the environment, local community, and fair trade.

Charitable giving including volunteer efforts

Matrix Booking - Team photo at CSR event 2022

The staff here at Matrix Booking are keen to get involved with local charities both as part of corporate events and individually. With our staff being all remote workers currently then we do arrange periodic company all hands and where possible we will always try to ensure that a charitable event is also tagged to the beginning or the end of these events so that it continues our commitment to hands on helping local charities and communities. Our most recent event was ‘Upcycling furniture for resale’ for a homeless charity in Bristol called EmmaHaus.

As part of our charitable giving side, we are also aware that the software and products we provide can be of use to charities so we run a standard discount scheme for all registered charities when using our product and we are also constantly on the lookout for local charitable organisations that may just benefit from using our product free of charge.

We have a cross-organisational team within the business who are specifically responsible for championing the various volunteering, outreach, charitable giving and other CSR activities that our business participates in; this team has an allocated budget to ensure these activities make a difference.

Reduce our carbon footprint to mitigate climate change

Our key product being software that is hosted in the cloud means we are already helping in our own way. Removing the need for organisations to have lots of onsite computers to run these applications means no computer components, no electricity to run them and cool them.  Using cloud-based solutions already ensures that our customers can benefit from these savings (financially and environmentally) but in addition all our software that we use ourselves in Matrix Booking is cloud based so we keep our environmental footprint as small as possible.

Even in our choice of cloud suppliers we have several options to ensure that we are using as energy efficient solution as we can, even down to dynamically scaling so we only ever use the computing power we need. Using a cloud supplier such as Amazons AWS gives us precisely this flexibility and means even within the ‘cloud space’ we are being as efficient as possible; the hosting of our core SaaS application is all powered from renewable energy sources. 

Clearly part of our solution does involve providing hardware for customers (should they want things like digital room signage or check in kiosks for visitors), and so we are constantly striving to ensure that the hardware, we do provide strikes the right balance of affordability versus sustainability.   The suppliers we choose to supply this hardware are ones we trust and ones that share our values and passion for the environment and the community.

We have a cross-organisational team within the business who are specifically responsible for ensuring that the reduction, and ultimately elimination, of Carbon emissions is a key consideration regarding activities that our business participates in.  This team continually monitors out current carbon footprint.

Via local Carbon offsetting initiatives, we are also in the process of ensuring that we always contribute to sustainable schemes such that we maintain a net negative carbon footprint of at least –5%.

Matrix Booking - reducing printed material

Ensure all key business decisions are assessed for their social responsibility


Our organisation is on the path to becoming a ‘B-Corporation‘.  As such, we have a legal requirement to consider all ‘stakeholder interests’ – including shareholders, employees, suppliers, society and the environment, in everything we do.

Reporting of CSR activities and metrics are included in every board meeting to ensure we continue to meet our self-imposed legal commitments to CSR, and the senior management team are responsible for ensuring any team specific streams of CSR activity are actively promoted and engaged with, alongside the work of the dedicated CSR working groups.

Further details on some of our events and activities

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