Workplace management is a continuous process of managing business opportunities and costs. Ensuring that employees have the opportunity to carry out their work as needed, whether from home, in the office or on the move, while keeping the costs of providing those opportunities as low as possible. Constraints on workplace management go beyond the limits of hours in the day and available space – they include budgets, regulations, the maintenance and lifespan of resources from boilers to projectors and security needs. Perhaps less obviously but certainly just as important is how receptive the organisation is to innovation, especially if the impact could improve the efficiency of its workplace management system.

Often it’s a ‘Catch 22’ situation. C-level decision makers are naturally happier authorising innovations that someone can prove will save the company money, but typically it may cost more to develop or try something new. Fortunately, this is not the case with Matrix Booking, which can be road tested for free, making it a much easier proposition for those looking to introduce cost-saving innovation and reimagine their workplace management.

Innovative Resource Booking Systems

Matrix booking has been developed using technology that tailors the resource booking system to suit a business’ requirements. At the core of its development, the software was made to minimise costs for your business in operating multiple software or staff training costs by introducing one multi-purpose resource booking system. Voice-control technology that collaborates with Amazon’s Echo enables you to roll out the Matrix Booking system effectively without expensive adjustments to the workplace or staff training.

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A straightforward approach to Workplace Management

A simple download from the iTunes and App Stores, Matrix Booking is expressly designed to be intuitive to learn and offers a first class user experience. The core of this multi-purpose management app is a time and cost saving resource booking interface, through which staff can self-manage their use of rooms, desks, computers, parking spaces, vehicles or any resource added.

From just one app staff can search for resources, book, cancel and review bookings, invite colleagues and guests to a meeting, request catering and IT services and notify everyone who needs to know what’s happening, including security and reception.

Beyond the resource booking functions, Matrix Booking includes visitor management features that can transform the way your company manages and receives guests, helping your business to make a stellar first impression and maintain a consistently high quality, professional welcome.

Giving guests the option of self-service or in-person check-in, Matrix Booking can provide floor plans to help visitors find their meeting as well as maintain information for security about who is on the premises and where they are.

By using all these features, our workplace booking system can help you cut costs in numerous ways. First by quickly freeing staff from time wasted co-ordinating with facilities management, who will never be able to provide an in-person 24/7 resource booking system. This simultaneously reduces the facilities management manpower and time required for in-person resource management.

Also, by making it easier to access resources, Matrix Booking motivates staff to make better use of them. Plus, Matrix booking helps with both the capture and analysis of data related to resource usage, which can be used to optimise your businesses future management of an investment in resources.

Action for Children – Workplace Management in the charity sector

All organisations need to keep costs down, charities in particular, because they are more restricted in how they generate income and because they need to be seen by donors as not being wasteful, are under extra pressure. Action for Children in London needed to accommodate more staff without increasing its spend on office space or the number of workstations in it. Their hot-desking strategy had helped them to achieve this because at any given time some staff would tend to be working outside of the office. However, as staff numbers increased it became harder to ensure there would be enough workstations for everyone who turned up to work at the office.

Matrix Booking provided the perfect solution, by enabling staff to see and book available desks at any time – critically, before leaving home for a long commute to the office, and plan accordingly through one effective resource booking software.

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Introduce your business to the future of workplace management, with a risk-free Matrix Booking trial. Discover first-hand the benefits of using multi-purpose software and what this can provide your workplace from financial savings to increased staff productivity. When you experience the advantages of this state of the art resource booking system, you’ll wish you hadn’t waited so long to get started. To set up your free trial, email or speak to an adviser using the live chat on the Matrix Booking website.