Facilities Managers have a surprisingly wide range of interrelated responsibilities, and a lot of them to boot. First and foremost, they must ensure their company’s work environment is safe and operational, which means managing both corrective action and preventive measures. However, both as part of and beyond making sure the work environment is safe and operational, Facilities Managers are also responsible for utilities management, estate management and vendor management. This responsibility includes cost management plus ever-increasing regulation compliance demands ranging from data security to anti-discrimination.

Utilities management is no longer limited to reducing costs for the company, it is now also very much about reducing costs to the environment. And as a company’s failure to minimise its impact on the environment can damage its brand, so utilities management is more than an ethical issue for Facilities Managers, it is a business issue.

Planning and executing the management of an estate

Estate management involves extremely accurate monitoring of an organisation’s past, present and future use of its estate, as well as the ability to respond quickly to unexpected changes in demand. Meanwhile vendor management can be regarded as a separate issue, but also as a subset of estate management, compliance management and cost management.

The more problems Facilities Managers can anticipate and make a plan to deal with in advance, the fewer problems they have to respond to on the fly. Indeed, it’s a virtuous circle in one direction and a vicious circle in the other but the sooner a potential problem can be dealt with, the less disruption it causes. Online resource management software like Matrix Booking can help ease a Facilities Manager’s pain by reducing the number of issues that arise and allowing more focus on work to prevent problems from occurring.

Firstly, by automating a raft of room booking processes that facilities management previously had to devote resources to – freeing them up to carry out other work.

Processes such as coordinating the use of shared office space, and equipment, organising catering for meetings, adjusting environmental controls, updating signage in a building and managing visitor check-ins and credentials.

Secondly, by using up to the minute resource usage data collected by the software, which can be easily analysed and presented to decision-makers. Whether a company needs to expand quickly or make rapid cuts to its resources, Matrix Booking helps Facilities Managers to ensure that it is ready to move and save costs at the earliest opportunity.


Fluctuating needs of Facilites Management

Matrix Booking can also offer organisations with a small or fluctuating need for physical meeting spaces the option of sharing workspaces with other organisations. Thus controlling the estate management costs that follow from having either too much property in the organisation’s estate or not enough. For scenarios like this Matrix Booking can be configured with different levels of data sharing, to maintain the data security of different business entities who want to share meeting rooms using the software and save themselves the cost of having bigger premises than they need on their own.

Another way in which Matrix Booking can help with estate management is by making it easier to set up satellite workspaces, as it has done in the form of the ‘commuter hubs’ used by the UK’s Ministry of Justice, the National Archives, the Food Standards Agency and the Crown Prosecution Service. By opening small workspaces that are easier for staff to access than a head office, organisations can provide much more flexible working arrangements for staff, resulting in happier employees who are much less prone to complain about facilities management. Matrix Booking enables staff to coordinate their use of these satellite workspaces from any location with minimal management oversight. And adopting this model of add-on premises makes an organisation more capable of quickly expanding and contracting the premises it occupies according to changes in need.

Meanwhile, security in every building using Matrix Booking for Visitor Management is boosted by the use of the software, because it provides a highly accurate and real-time record of past, current and future visitors to the premises. Every aspect of a company’s security, from the physical safety of its employees and its property to the security of its data, is better protected. A recent user of Matrix Booking, who set it up to share a workspace with another organisation, found it so useful that they decided to deploy it internally. We think that seeing how well it works for yourself will convince you too.

Free Resource Booking Software Trial

Setting up a 14-day trial run of Matrix Booking only takes a few minutes, and once up and running on your organisation it will save a lot more of your Facilities Manager’s time than that. Using the software requires no training at all, but if you need help from the Matrix Booking team simply reach out to them and they will be happy to provide it.