When it comes to software solutions, finding the right tool for the job usually means looking at a range of different apps each built and priced for different sized organisations. The best choice of CRM software for a business with only a few users will most likely be different from the best fit for a large enterprise, which needs its CRM to be integrated with sales, marketing, accounting and data analytics tools. However, for some software solutions, there are exceptions, and in the arena of workplace management, Matrix Booking is one of them.

While Matrix Booking is packed with useful features, its main focus is to make it easy and efficient to find and book resources (including room, desk, computer, vehicle, etc.) that you need to do your job. Whether your organisation has 20 or 20,000 members of staff sharing resources, the basic process for each one is the same – find which resources are available and when, book them, confirm or cancel them, add requests for catering or other facilities support, then use the resource.

A flexible booking system designed to manage all facilities needs

The result of letting Matrix Booking manage this part of your facilities management is a smarter workplace system in which you democratise resource sharing, reduce friction, increase productivity and creativity, maximise the use of available resources, minimise waste, save time, reduce costs, and increase profit. The benefits for your organisation, regardless of its size, are universal.

Other Matrix Booking features will vary in their value depending not just on the size of your organisation, but what your business operation looks like. Organisations that receive a lot of visitors to their premises may benefit more from the Matrix Booking visitor management system features that help them to both extend a warm, professional welcome and maintain building security. Organisations that need to assign specific costs to room bookings and usage will better appreciate how easily Matrix Booking can connect to finance systems for cost code validation and invoicing.

Organisations whose room and staffing requirements change quickly, minute by minute, can take great advantage of Matrix Booking’s Detect & Nearby functions, that use location beacons to show real-time occupancy and the location of users enhancing your facilities management systems.

Every organisation, regardless of size, has unique circumstances and will value Matrix Booking in different ways. The multi-purpose workplace management software offers companies from a variety of industries the ability to organise and increase productivity in their workplace.

But beyond that, while Matrix Booking can simply be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and immediately deployed to improve your workplace management, the Matrix Booking team can also be brought in to customise our workplace management software’s functionality to make sure it’s a perfect fit for your business needs.

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Transport for London

At Transport For London (TfL) the Matrix Booking team collaborated with nine stakeholders from the organisation to ensure the deployment of Matrix Booking would accommodate their particular needs, which centered around visitor management functionality, that included being able to book visitors independently of rooms. TfL is the integrated transport authority responsible for running the day-to-day operation of the capital’s public transport network and managing London’s roads. At the time of choosing to implement Matrix Booking, TfL had an estate of 12 properties spanning the length and breadth of London. And one of the main reasons why TfL decided to implement Matrix Booking, was a need to be clearer about how much use was being made and was required from the accommodation in its estate. Thanks to Matrix Booking, with the ability to easily create meaningful reports on room usage, TfL will know if and where it can consolidate its physical resources across London.

All new features added to Matrix Booking to improve utility for a user are also available to existing users of the app which means that right out of the box – it can offer great value and instant savings to most organisations, regardless of size. However, if the nuances of your organisation’s operation put you in the market for specific functionality not already featured in the app, the Matrix Booking team is willing and able to work with your organisation to customise it accordingly.

To explore Matrix Booking, to see if it is a good fit for your organisation and find out how easy it is to use, take advantage of the risk-free trial. Just email info@matrixbooking.com or speak to an adviser using the live chat on the Matrix Booking website. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play by staff and picked up with next to no training. If you need further assistance or want to explore options for a customised deployment, the Matrix Booking team will be happy to help.